Have you viewed your web logs lately

A NEW Super Quick Way to View Your Domains
AWSTATS (Advanced Web Statistics)

View Your Domains AWStats without
Logging Into cPanel All From One Location with
One Simple Click of a Button

Whether You Have One Domain or Multiple Domains
Here's a NEW Super Quick way to view Advanced Web Statistics
ALL from one Location

If you where asked how many visitors or Search Engine Crawlers visited your website today could you honestly answer the question without guessing. Around 95% of people that ask for my advice answer "I don't know". How about You?

  • Do you know which Domains your visitors are coming from?

  • Do you know which Links your visitors are clicking on most?

  • Do you know which RSS Feed Syndications is delivering traffic?

  • Do you know which Keyword is being used with a specific search engine?

  • Do you know which search engine crawlers has even visited your website or sitemaps to index them?

And most importantly:

  • Are you aware of who's accessing your domain?

Google Analytics Is Not Enough!

Automated browsers (including all spiders like Googlebot, Yahoo! Slurp, MSNBot, etc.) never execute JavaScript in your source code. So, while Google Analytics may do a great job of tracking your human visitors, they’re unable to give you the goods on spider behavior.

In order to make the most of your SEO efforts you need to know when a spider is coming in, what pages they’re requesting, and how often they’ll come back. Using this information is how you can launch and optimize new pages, set up the best internal links and prioritize your source code changes

Eric Lander, Associate Editor Search Engine Journal

"Get Instant Access To Your Website Statistics
with a Simple Click of a Button"
Currently You Access AWStats Through cPanel to
View Up To The Minute Advanced Web Stats.
Are You Using It? If Not You Should Be

If your domain is using cPanel then AWStats is already installed.

AWStats is short for Advanced Web Statistics. It's a FREE powerful and featured rich tool that generates web traffic, ftp and mail server statistics, graphically.

But Did you know... AWStats has an Extra Section feature that has powerful options to allow you to build your own reports not provided by other 3rd party programs. You can use it to build special reports, like number of sales for a particular product, marketing reports, counting for a particular user or agent and even visits to a specific directory, etc.

AWStats on Visitors from Websites and People

AWStats on Visitors From

A FREE List of Ready To Use
AWStats ExtraSection Codes are Included!

Knowing your Website Statistics should be the most important aspect of your business. Because TIME is more valuable then money itself and when you are dealing in time, you can not take back that which is already given.

If you are not viewing your stats regularly, you'll never know whether or not the actions you are taking to deliver results are working or not.

I test allot of things and yes, many of the things I've tested didn't amount to a hill of beans. But it only took a few successful actions to compensate for the things that didn't work. Knowing statistics makes all the difference in the world. Problem is I don't have the time to add codes to pages nor login to stat admins. What I needed was quick access to logs. AWStats is perfect. But...

You're Wasting Time Logging into cPanel

If you are like me and countless others, you might find it cumbersome having to always login to each cPanel account just to take a quick glance at stats. It can be very time consuming even with just one cPanel account not to mention if you have several Domains, Sub Domains or even Add-on Domains.


Hi Bruce,

WOW! Your viewmatic is such a cool program. I like the idea of not having to login anywhere to see where my traffic is coming from. Using this program has saved me at least an hour a day.

You've made it so much easier to instantly view stats. I had no idea awstats could give me so much information. I know exactly which keywords are being used, which pages are being viewed and where my traffic is coming from.

Thank you for a great program.

Heather Coleman


Hi Bruce,

Greetings. I hope you're keeping well.

The main point of emailing you is just to say how much I'm enjoying using AWStats Viewmatic & using it a LOT more than I ever expected.
Fast easy access has allowed me to really begin using my stats to add value and gain insights that before were just not worth the effort - they were always worth it but were just too hard to do on the fly.

Keep smiling



When it comes to results, would you rather be left in the dark and waste valuable time or make it easy for yourself to know what is working and what is not in order to spend your time wisely.

There is An Easy Solution...

You start a blog. You start posting comments on other blogs. You start posting Articles to directories. You start participating in Social Networks. You start actively participating in forums and the list goes on.

All this and more eats up your valuable time.

  • If you are creating multiple Websites or Blogs and one out preformed another, wouldn't it be nice to know which one it is so that you could duplicate the process.

  • If you posted several articles to a directory and no traffic is coming from it. Why waste your time with it. Move on and find one that doesn't waste your time. Stats will Let you know.

  • If you are involved in social networking. It would be wise to know if the network you are involved in is worth the time and effort.

  • No matter what actions you take, when It comes to something of value, you need to know at what price it is you are willing to pay compared to what is actually being delivered.

Wouldn't it be more productive if you could simply just click a button and know which of your actions are working to drive traffic to your website and which ones are not so that you can move on and continue with only the ones that are delivering results.

There is a solution! View All Your Domains AWStats WITHOUT having to login to cPanel ALL FROM ONE LOCATION. You can find out which actions are worth pursuing. You can know how much traffic your site is getting and where it's coming from. You can find out which Keyword or keyword phrases are being used to find your site from specific search engines. And Best of ALL it can all be done with A simple Click of a Button From One Location.

So what is the Solution...

It's Called AWStats ViewMatic 

A Super Quick and Easy way to Viewing Website Statistics ALL From One location. After wasting hours of my time looking for something even closely related and finding Nothing. I just went ahead and created AWStats ViewMatic. Now I can stop wasting valuable time and know if what I've done or what I'm doing is working or not.

AWStats ViewMatic lets you add as many domains, sub domains, add-on domains as you like of the domains you want to view the stats of without having to login to cPanel each time. You'll be amazed at how much time you save when finally keeping track of your actions.

When you click on "View Awstats" you'll have Instant Access to Advanced Web Statistics
Instantly View AWstats with a Simple Click of a Button

Add Unlimited Domains even from Different Hosts
(Doesn't matter if you have one host or multiple hosts)

AWStats ViewMatic Will Do This For You...

With a full log analysis enabled by AWStats you can view all your stats instantly:

  • Authenticated users

  • Unique Visitors and Duration in which they stay.

  • Visits of Robots (important for site indexing)

  • Days of week and rush hours (pages, hits, KB for each hour and day of week).

  • Domains/countries of hosts visitors

  • Most Viewed, entry and exit pages.

  • Browser types.

  • Search Engines, Keyword and keywords phrases used to find your site.

  • Other personalized reports based on url, url parameters, referrer field for miscellaneous marketing purposes.

  • Number of times your site is "added to favorites bookmarks".

  • and much more.

AWStats ViewMatic will give you Super Quick Access to AWStats without having to login to cPanel each time. Add as Many Domains, Sub Domains, and even Add-on Domains that you want and view their Stats all from one location.

If you are Flipping websites with AWStats ViewMatic you can allow others to view your website stats without having to give out your cPanel login details.

AWStats ViewMatic Saves You Time and Effort Every Time when you want to take Quick glances of your AWStats of Different Domains to find out what's working and what's not working. (Priceless)

Now there's no excess for wasting time when you can easily know:

  • Which Article Directories are driving the most traffic to your websites.

  • Which Forums are the best to be active in.

  • Which Social Networks produce the best results.

  • Which Marketing Tactics are working best for you.

With Such Ease of Traffic Information at your fingertips, you can now finally get a grip on Your Success!

How Much is it Worth To You? 

When minutes turn into hours time adds up when those hours turn into days. Keeping it simple makes life so much easier to enjoy what time we have left of it. You don't have time to gamble on chance or hope. Make your actions count. Whether you use AWStats Viewmatic or not, make sure what you are doing works. View Your Stats and know if what you are doing is working.

Don't be left in the dark wasting valuable time. Know what actions you should be taking to spend your time more wisely.

Don't let the cumbersome effect of logging into cPanel distract you from one of the most important aspects of ones business. Your Time is Valuable. You can eliminate the effort of viewing your stats and move on to producing results.

AWStats will give you everything you need to help you produce results while other companies charge you a monthly fee for the same statistics. AWStats ViewMatic will give you everything you need to simplify the process.

Everybody Likes Additional Value!

Included Bonus

AWStats Bandwidth Log Analysis
Excel Spread Sheet

An Excel Spread Sheet Makes it Easier to Locate Spammers, Content and
Graphic Thieves that are stealing your Bandwidth.
Easily Locate them and Ban them from your domain!

Using this spread sheet when viewing your awstats, you will easily be able to locate who's using up your band width and why. Determine whether you wish to ban them from your domain or not.

Automatically creates an htaccess code with all the IP's you wish to ban. Stop Spammers, content and graphic thieves from continually stealing your bandwidth.


AWStats ViewMatic
A Quick way to view Domains Advanced Web Statistics All from One Location 


If you need immediate assistance visit

What You Will Be Receiving:

  • AWStats ViewMatic Script installs on your own domain that allows you to automatically view your Domain(s) AWStats all from one location with a simple click of a button. (Add Unlimited Domains even if they are located on a Different host).

  • AWStats Extra Feature Codes to track Additional Resources.

  • AWStats Bandwidth Log Analysis Excel Spread Sheet so that you can easily detect and ban IP's from stealing your bandwidth.

  • Detailed Installation and How To Videos along with Step by Step Easy to Follow PDF Instructions.

  • FREE INSTALLATION is available if needed.

100% Iron Clad Guarantee: I value your business. If for any reason you are not 100% completely satisfied with this offer I will refund your purchase in full up to 30 days from purchase. No Questions Asked.

Product Delivery: After your transaction has been processed you will automatically be taken to our Instant Access Secure Download Area.

License: Can be Installed on as many domains as you like as long as you own and use the domain for your own purposes.


  • cPanel Server with PHP and MySQL

  • Ability to Upload Files to Server.

  • Free Installation Assistance Available if Needed.

Designed for cPanel users. If your server is running anything other than cPanel please contact Customer Support for compatibility verification Prior to purchasing.

Full Support for any Questions, Comments or Concerns:

To Your Success,

Bruce Hughbanks

PS - Remember, You no longer have to login to cPanel and can view your AWStats whether you have one or multiple domains all from one location.

PPS -I stand behind my product 100%. I am so confident that AWStats ViewMatic will meet your expectations. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied I will happily refund your money in full - no questions asked.

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